MoviePlayer v0.5 - VST plugin to play video in Live

Here is the second update of the video device I built for Ableton Live. I used Max/Msp (demo), and exported it as a Pluggo plugin. That plugin needs Pluggo runtime (free) to run. You can get Pluggo runtime here: PC - MAC.

Download MoviePlayer v0.5 here for PC and here for MAC.

please send support and feature requests to (I developp this plug in my spare time, so it may take some time for me to answer, but I'll read every mail you send.)

Here is a screenshot of the smaller verion on a 1024X768 screen, and a screenshot of the plugin itself. Clic on the images for full size:



First, unpack the zip file and install Pluggo runtime on your computer (destination when asked is you vst folder, on PC), then drag the two dll files in your vst folder. You will also need to have quicktime installed on the computer. Then just drop the plugin into a track (audio or MIDI, it doesn't matter).


Changes and improvements

- Audio from the Live track where you've droped the plugin now goes through the plugin, therefore you can drop the audio extraction of the movie on the same track as the plugin, or put the plugin on the Master track for convenience. No extra latency is added as far as I know.

- Most Quicktime movie have a timescale of 600 QTU/s, but some high quality mpeg ones have 90000 QTU/s. That's why I've put a timescale choice where you have to set the timescale of the movie. I'll build a small app for you to know what is your movie's timescale, but for now, just play the movie with the default 600 timescale, try to jump in the timeline while it is playing, and if it doesn't jump but plays again from the start, try the 90000 timescale. I know some NTSC movies have a timescale of 2997 (100 X 29,97) but the technic I use for sync (a division of the sample count from the start of the song) makes it impossible to get a precise sync. So, If you come accross those... well... get a video editing software and re-render the movie !

- Now works at 44100, 48000, 88200 and 96000 hertz. Again, most important thing for the sync to work is to set the plugin at the same sample rate as Live !

- On a user request, I've added an offset facility: it is in millisconds, and there is a "+1s" and a "-1s" buttons, as well as a reset "R" button. you can also drag the value directly by dragging the number and tweak precisely with the little arrows. It is usefull for exemple if you get a movie with a countdown at the start. You can skip it with the offset for the actual movie to start at the top of the arrangement.

- The resize button now works both ways: resize and un-resize. I choose a frame of 4/3, which is quite usual.

- I removed the play button. If you want to see the movie out of sync, watch it outside of Live.

- As I said in previous version, if I let the sound from the movie play, it makes my computer act funky. The sound doesn't play on the ASIO driver but on the system's sound driver, so it has to be muted (at least on my system), thus the mute button. You'll have to re-enable the mute button each time you load a movie. The mute function is movie related, so it unticks itself each time you load a new movie. What I do when I work on movies is I extract the sound from the movie in a video editor, and put it on a track in the sequencer. Then I really sure about the sync.

- The sync will only work with latencies up to 8192 samples, though because of quicktime time units, some movies won't play fluidly at latencies higher than 1024. If you can afford it, set the plugin buffer at something below or equal to 512 in Live's preferences. Then the audio buffer can be greater. The best is to test what works better on your system, just keep in mind that the latency for the plugin can't be more than 8192 for its sync engine to work. - the small "Jump" led is there for visual feedback: it should only falsh when you jump in the timeline. So if it flashes all the time while only playing, something is wrong. (too high latency...)


As stated for last versions:

- I made it in two size, since it is not resizable.

- When Live is stopped, if you navigate the timeline (in arrangment) clicking on markers, the movie will follow, but NOT if you just clic in the clips area (to position the orange play head). If you jump through the arrangement with the speaker icon on top of the arrangement, the movie will follow in sync. I you set a loop in arrangement, the movie will stay in sync.

-You may have to close and reopen the plugin interface (where you see the movie), on sample rate change for exemple. In general, if the movie display doesn't work properly anymore, just close and re-open the panel.

- the open button opens a dialogue box to choose the movie. I tried quicktime and avi, but many other format should work (all that are compatible with quicktime). sometimes the dialogue window re-opens after you've chosen the movie, but you don't need to reselect it. Just hit cancel.

- The clear button clears the movie from the plugin.


So having said all that, I have to say that I am no programmer, I made that plug for my own use and thought only of sharing it, so I may developp it later or not. You may distribute it as much as you want FOR FREE and please always include a link to that page.
If you choose to use that plug, it is at your own risk and I can't be responsible for anything. I believe it cannot harm anyone's system but I had to say it.

If you like it and use it intensively or make money with it, you can always make a donation ! It could help me buying MAX/Msp and continue developping.

Kind regards,